Congratulations Team SUI 3

We are proud to present the graduated Kaospilots from Team SUI 3:

Raffael Gfeller, Jonas Beer, Jakob Kristoffersen, Urs Gantenbein, Felix Baller, Sabahet Meta, Ruth Walter, Tyra Willén, Mona Ebdrup, Lebohang Thali, Asanda Kaka and Babette Frank (photo credit: Claudia Rauber).

We wish you all the best for your future!

Support a KaosPilot!

The KaosPilots education is 3 years full-time and tough. Learning to be a good teamplayer, challenging one’s own believes, and learning to work with external clients in Bern to find out what meaningful services and support can be. Then in the 4th semester going to our external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa for four months and create a new organization with 50 people to support 10-12 local partner organizations in all areas of society. A KaosPilot over the 3 years practices personal development and training in leadership, project design, process guiding and consultancy and as a mindful entrepreneur. It takes hunger, courage and discipline to learn to be a creative entrepreneur.

The education all in all costs about 100’000.- Swiss Francs per person. The students pay thereof almost half with their student fee of 48’000.-. Not all of our students have that money available, also not when they work some 15 hours in addition to their education with us. And the scholarship systems in many countries are not very well working. So we have decided to set up our own KaosPilot loan pool for our students. So far we have been able to give 6 loans to students from 5’000.- to 30’000 Swiss Francs. Scheduled for 2 to 6 years and with 0-2% interest rate.

As our school is slowly growing, we need more scholarships and loans for our students.

Would you like to support a KaosPilot student here in Bern with a private loan? Please contact Matti Straub-Fischer, Headmaster, for more information: +41 79 345 28 28 or

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Would you like to meet the KaosPilots?


The KaosPilots are an international 3year full-time education for creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and changemakers. Founded in 1991 in Aarhus, Denmark, the KaosPilots have been trained in teams of people with diverse backpacks of experience and an appetite to change the world.

The KaosPilots Switzerland was an initiative by changels and the school opened its doors to the first students in 2012 in Bern.

What is special about this leadership and entrepreneurial education? That they focus strongly on practical projects offered from companies, non-for-profit organizations and communities and city administrations. The KaosPilots learn from day 1 that they need to focus on NEEDS and DREAMS at the same time. Is it meaningful? Is it fun and does it create more liveliness?

Do you want to get to know the KaosPilots better?

Come to a KaosDay or to an information event. For upcoming events visit the KaosPilots’s Agenda.