How to find good teamplayers

Posted on January 6, 2014 by changels

We changels see organizations like magnets. We attract people and all other life forms depending on what is strong in us. So:

  • What are the main attractors in your team?
  • What are the values and messages you want to live in the world?
  • How well are you already living and embodying these qualities? Can other people feel the difference you are making in your own life and work?

Living these values and aspects is the most powerful way of finding people who want what you are doing. So keep walking the talk!

If the people you want to attract do not show up by themselves (they often do ;-), you can always ask your partners and your friends or network, whether they know somebody with the qualities, skills, wisdom and attitudes you need and want.

  • Be clear in your requirements.
  • And check on recommendations: Why and where does a person you trust see a new colleague blossoming or able to jump on board for a job in your team?

It helps to explore co-operation over a longer period of time, as the difficult pieces usually only show after a while. In the first 3-4 hours we like to show each other our beautiful sunny sides. That is good – and there is more to it as we all know.

  • So allow for a few months to see how you can work together with new people.
  • Try different tasks and settings, roles and situations to allow yourself and or a new partner to show themselves more and more with different sides.
  • Giving straight and clear feedback, appreciating what works and where there is need and room for improvement is essential.
  • Do not hold back. Say what you see and what you need. Tough love is the attitude you need, also in case you find out that despite all involved try to make things work, it simply does not go smoothly.
  • Then again, be honest with yourself and the people around you. Say that it does not work and find an easy way to complete the cycle with this new person.
  • Look what you have learnt from and with this new person, appreciate it and wish them all the best, and that they may find what they need.

If you need support in finding good people for your team, you can let us know. We gladly support you with our contacts and our knowhow from the last 20 years creating inspiring collaboration and business cultures in Switzerland and the world.

Matti Straub-Fischer


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